Natalia was trained by the world renowned areola restorative medical tattoo artist, Stacie-Rae Weir in the art of 3D nipple tattoo.

Whether you have lost your nipples due to breast cancer, or have scarring in the area from other surgeries, we will work with you to help restore the most realistic results.

A consult is required before booking so that we can assess the stage of healing you're at, and whether the skin can be safely tattooed. Typically, we recommend to wait roughly 1 year post surgery before your nipple medical tattoo appointment.

Bilateral nipples (both sides):  $450

Unilateral nipples (one side):  $300

Scar treatment:  By consult, from $250+

** Prices include 2 sessions. In the first session we are building the foundation and laying the base of the tattoo while adding some detail. In the second session 6 - 8 weeks later, we add fine details, adjust the color as needed, and add the finishing touches!

We believe that you have already gone through enough of an emotional roller coaster in losing or suffering scarring on your nipples once.


This is why utilize Stacie-Rae's unique medical tattooing techniques to achieve PERMANENT results. No annual touch ups are required.

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