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Eyebrow Tattoo

All of our brow artists have had extensive training around the world! We custom design your brow shape to enhance your natural features, and can make it as natural or as dramatic as your like. Our pigments are custom-blended and tailored to your skin type, undertones, and lifestyle to produce optimal results once healed.


Lasts up to 3 years

(may last longer in some skin types)

These distinctions will be hand drawn. Photos to follow in each section.


Powder Ombre

Microblading by Natalia.
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Microblading by Natalia


With Microblading, pigment is deposited into your skin via manual hair strokes done with a precision microblading tool.


Miroblading is great for those with dry, normal & combination skin types, who are looking for a natural, hair-like brow look. 


  • Kaitlin/Sophia: $550

  • Natalia: $700

Powder ombre brows by Sophia_edited.jpg

Powder ombre brows by Sophia

Powder Ombre

Machine shading for those who prefer a filled-in makeup effect or have particularly oily skin. Our most popular style of powder brows is ombre. 


  • Patrycja: $350 

  • Kaitlin/Sophia: $550

  • Natalia:  $700

T/u pricing.

Powder ombre brows soft mist_edited.jpg

Combination Touch-up: +$50

*Nano / Nano Combination only.

Includes aftercare product. Does not include gst.

< 6 months

7-12 months

13-18 months

19-24 months

with Natalia


Microblading (manual hair strokes):

  • Kaitlin/Sophia: $550

  • Natalia: $700


Nano (machine hair strokes):

  • Patrycja:  $400


Combination (microblade + shade)

  • Kaitlin/Sophia: $600

  • Natalia:  $750


Nano Combination (Nano Strokes + Shade)

  • Patrycja:  $400


Powder Ombre (Makeup Effect)

  • Patrycja: $350 

  • Kaitlin/Sophia: $550

  • Natalia:  $700

Microblading (manual hairstrokes):

- Kaitlin/Sophia: $550

- Natalia:  $700

Powder Ombre (makeup effect):

- Patrycja: $350 

- Kaitlin/Sophia: $550

- Natalia:  $700


Combination (microblade + shade):

- Kaitlin/Sophia: $600

- Natalia:  $750

Nano (machine hairstrokes):

- Patrycja:  $400

Combination (nano strokes + shade):

- Patrycja: $400

Touch-Up Pricing

(for existing clients of Studio N, Brows & Blush Co, and Beauty by  Kristy ONLY):

Still Feeling Unsure?

 If you're feeling unsure about what you're looking for or have previously-tattooed brows that will require dramatic shape/colour correction, then our free 15-min brow consult option is right for you. You'll be able to choose between an in-clinic consult and a virtual one.