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Lip Blush Tattoo &
Dark Lip Correction


Lip Blush is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo procedure designed to naturally enhance the colour and shape of your lips. With this treatment, we're able to correct lip asymmetry and create a fuller-looking lip.


Shades range from soft pinks and corals to vibrant rouges.

Lasts 2-5 years.




with Patrycja

(intro pricing)

with Kaitlin

with Natalia

​*All new lip blush services include 2 sessions within 3 months + aftercare product.

 *NO LIP FILLER 2 months prior.

*Prices are in CAD and do not include GST. 

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While lip blush is done by colouring the lips, neutralization is needed for lip blushing on dark lips. Dark lip correction is specifically designed for discoloured, cool-toned and/or dark lips.


We apply colour theory to correct the unwanted lip tones by neutralizing them and adding desired pigments to the area.


** Note: dark lip corrections require 3 sessions, each session 8-12 weeks apart.



with Kaitlin

with Natalia

​*Dark lip corrections include 3 sessions, each session 8-12 weeks apart.

*If you have ever had a cold sore on your lips, you must consult your Dr. for medication BEFORE booking.

 *NO LIP FILLER 2 months prior.

*Prices are in CAD and do not include GST. 

Lip Blush Touch-Ups

(1 session)


50% off regular price

within 12-24 months from last session.

If you have a previous lip blush tattoo (done elsewhere) and would like to have it touched up with us, it is full price. Touch-up pricing applies to existing clients only.

Feeling Unsure? Have More Questions?

If you're unsure whether you're a good candidate for lip tattoo or have concerns about the lip colour/shape, you can always come by for a free consult beforehand!

If you have ever had cold sores, you MUST see your doctor first for approval and medication before booking any lip service with us.

Dark lip corrections require a consult or sent in photos for approval prior to booking.