Permanent Makeup

F.A.Q. about Permanent Makeup

How long does a permanent makeup/cosmetic tattoo last?

Anywhere from 1-3 years, depending on your lifestyle and your skin type. Sun exposure, frequent exfoliation, use of anti-wrinkle/anti-acne products on the treatment area, oily skin and frequent sweating will cause the pigment to fade more quickly. It is still a tattoo however, so there is no guarantee it will fade away completely. Final results can NOT be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigment differently and break down at different rates. We will assess how your skin has received the pigment at your initial touch-up appointment and make changes as necessary.

What needles and pigment do you use, and are they safe?

As the only Canadian Princessbrows trainer, our studio primarily uses Princessbrows House of PMU products. All needles are high quality, sterile, single use and disposed of after each client.
Pigments are sterile and FDA and/or EU approved as safe for tattooing on the face. Stringent quality control is in place to ensure NO heavy metals, carcinogens or impurities. All products used during the tattoo procedure are single use and disposed after each client.

Who is NOT a good candidate for receiving a cosmetic tattoo?

We cannot perform any procedures on you if: - If ou are pregnant - NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are nursing you must check with your doctor before booking (you may have to pump and dump). - If you have been on prescription Accutane in the past, you MUST wait at least 1 year before considering any procedure. For eyeliner, if you have used Latisse, you MUST wait at least 1 year. - If you are prone to severe keloid scarring. - If you have rosacea/severe eczema in the treatment area. - If you are allergic to tattoo pigments, lidocaine/tetracaine or epinephine (both are present in the anaesthetic that we use). - If you have any of the following (including but not limited to): auto immune disorders, diabetes, healing/bleeding disorders, cancer currently undergoing therapy, high blood pressure/heart problems, liver/kidney issues, or any disorder which may affect your healing process, you MUST bring a doctor's note confirming it is safe for you to have a permanent make up procedure performed. - You are under 18 years old.

What can I expect at my cosmetic tattoo appointment and how long will it take?

When you arrive, you will fill in your paperwork and have before photos taken. Then we will review your health records, discuss your outcomes and pre-draw the design for you to approve (20-30 min). Next we will apply a numbing cream to the area (15-20 min), and lastly we will move on to the fun part - the tattooing (45-120min)! Brows: 2-2.5h for the initial session, depending on style of brow. 1.5-2h for touch ups. Eyeliner: 2-3h ftotal time varies depending on whether you choose top and/or botton, thickness of line, and whether there is a wing. Lips: 2-3h, depending on the size of lips.

Does it hurt?

We apply a topical numbing cream to prenumb the area, then continue to apply a numbing product throughout the procedure to keep it numb. The active ingredients are lidocaine/tetracaine. Most of our clients are suprised at how minimal the pain is! Having any procedure done during your menstrual cycle may increase sensitivity and/or discomfort.

What should I expect AFTER my procedure?

Depending on the procedure, there will be some minimal redness and swelling, however nothing that will prevent you from going back to work afterwards. The tattoo will flake/peel as it is healing, so you may not want to book your appointment a week before any major events/vacations (espeically where you will be taking many photos). FOR 2 WEEKS POST PROCEDURE: - NO sweating/exercise - NO swimming/saunas - NO heavy sun exposure - NO makeup/other skin care products on the treatment area You can NOT wear makeup on the treatment area for 7-10 days after the treatment.

What is the healing process like, and what will it look like after healing?

Immediately after, tattooed area will be dark, and continue to get darker over the next 3-5 days until the area starts to peel. On average, peeling can last for 4-14 days depending on your skin. After peeling, the tattooed area may look very dark or a bit greyish due to a new layer of skin covering the treated area, the true color won't show until 2-3 weeks after peeling has finished. During this time, you will need to keep the area clean and moisturized with the provided aftercare cream, and avoid unncessary stress to the area. After healing, the color will be softer and lighter, lightening up anywhere from 10-30%. Over time, the tattoo will continue to lighten and fade.

Can you correct my old cosmetic tattoo / do you work over other artist's work? What is the cost?

Whether we are able to rework your previous tattoo will depend on their current color/shape/design. If the previous tattoo is very DARK, we may need to remove it before we can rework it. We offer Saline Tattoo & Permanent Makeup Removal at our studio; if you wish to learn more, please see our "Services" menu. We are willing to work over previous work IF the previous tattoo is light enough, and you are willing to go darker and/or bolder. Keep in mind that we still need to cover your old tattoo, so although we can refresh your color and adjust your shape, we cannot make drastic changes. For brows, you may need shading in addition to microblading. Generally, previously tattooed areas will require additional appointments to achieve the desired results, however we can NOT guarantee the results. Skin that has previously been tattooed does not always respond the way fresh skin does, and if there is any scarring, the pigment may not take as well. If you have had previous work done elsewhere, you must EMAIL US A BRIGHT, CLEAR, HIGH QUALITY PHOTO to BEFORE booking.
Color touch up/refresher prices apply to work done at our studio ONLY; they do not apply to corrections, repairs, or touch ups on work done elsewhere. COST: BROWS: - If your previous brows require ONLY color refreshing (no color correction), the price starts from $350+ for 1 SESSION only (+$50 for add on shading, no free touch up). If you require an additional touch up, it will be the difference remaining for the cost of a new set ($200 with Alaina or $250 with Natalia). - If we are redesigning your brow AND/OR correcting color, then it is the cost of a NEW set (includes free touch up). Reworking brows typically requires MORE work, however we do not charge a correction fee. EYELINER/LIP BLUSH: - It is the cost of a new service since it is the same amount of work, if not more.

What should I do BEFORE my procedure?

2-3 weeks prior: - STOP using any skin thinning products including any anti-wrinkle, anti-acne, brightening/exfoliating products (including retinol / retin-A / vit A / AHA / BHA). - STOP suntanning. - AVOID any facials or treaments to the face. 1 week prior: - IF SAFE TO DO SO, stop taking blood thinners or blood thinning supplements (omegas, vit E, evening primrose oil, etc.) 1 day prior: - NO alcohol. Day of apt: - Have a light meal before your apt and avoid caffeine.