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Can sustainable fashion practices be a part of the cure to a global cause of pollution?

One company thinks so.

The Problem

Fashion production makes up 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions and is the world’s second-largest water supply consumer. Washing artificial fabrics like polyester (estimated to be found in 60% of garments) releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean yearly, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. With sobering statistics like this, the idea for Sashu the Label was born.

Who is Sashū?

Sasha Bilida, the founder of Sashu the Label, grew up in Canada, surrounded by nature. Since the outdoors have always been where she feels at peace and draws her inspiration from, she felt a moral responsibility to preserve and protect it as best as possible. Sasha got her start in the fashion industry as a runway and print model and, at a very young age, began working and living in cities such as Milan, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, and New York. She gained experience working with big names such as Vogue, Karl Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel and had ample time to hone her eye for quality and design.

She soon learned that while fashion was in her blood, she couldn’t agree with the amount of unnecessary waste that went along with it. Behind the scenes of every showroom were enormous dumpsters being filled to the brim with cardboard, plastic, and hang tags from all the clothing products coming in and out daily. Upon voicing her concern, it seemed to only fall on deaf ears or get replies with the phrase, “this is just how things are.”

Caught at Crossroads

The easiest way to do one’s part would be not to support big box companies and switch to more sustainable brands. Right? In theory, yes. However, in her search for sustainable apparel, Sasha was met with the smallest selection of the ugliest clothes she had ever seen in her entire life. Not one to sacrifice her style (and hoping others agreed), Sasha knew if she wanted to see a change, she would have to be the one who invoked it. So armed with a passion, moral regard for the planet, and a lot of hard work, Sashu the Label was finally introduced into the world.

How is Sashū doing its part to be sustainable?

Sashu’s collections are always produced in small batch orders, at 50 pieces or less, or designed made to order to cut back on excessive waste. They partner with only specific manufacturers with policies to reduce their carbon footprint. These practices include things like shutting down production and all power sources at a particular time daily so as not to produce excessive emissions and pollutants. Sashu’s partners employ men and women who get paid fair wages, work in bright, clean, healthy conditions, and only work 8 hours a day or less.

The team at Sashu works hard to source natural, renewable fabrics from all over the world, such as cashmere, wool, organic cotton, linen, silk, and Tencel. The men’s and women’s styles created are timeless, minimalistic, and made slow, ensuring quality over quantity. This means you can keep Sashu pieces in your wardrobe season after season transforming each article to be dressed up or down and mixed with other clothing to ensure the wearer gets the most out of the garment.

Where can I find Sashū?

We currently stock Sashu's full collection in-store & online, and can ship Sashu's pieces across Canada!

If you live in Edmonton, AB, Canada, you can always swing by our studio to try their pieces on.

All Sashu’s packaging is renewable and reusable, and they have a zero polyester, zero plastic policy.

If you are curious about learning more about this unique clothing line determined to make an impact on the global carbon footprint,visit

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