Microblading & Eyebrow Machine Shading (5 days) - PRIVATE Training (Deposit only

Microblading has taken the beauty world by storm because it can help clients achieve the perfect eyebrow. 

Whether it's to create a fuller, bolder brow, or a clean, manicured look, microblading can help clients with sparse brows, or who have lost their brows due to medical condition achieve an enhanced, face framing brow.

Studio N is the ONLY Princessbrows authorized Canadian trainer! We teach the world renowned Princessbrows celebrity brow technique that results in the most natural, beautiful, healed brow. Learn the unique hair stroke patterns, theories, and tips & tricks that will help set you apart from the rest!

What sets our academy apart?

  • Learning the world renowned Princessbrows technique

  • Instructor is an award winning brow tattoo artist with a Science degree in Immunology & Infection

  • Advanced skin theory & color theory

  • Our signature hair stroke patterns 

  • Strict sanitary rules to prevent cross contamination

  • Small class sizes of 2-4 students per 1 instructor to ensure adequate 1-on-1 instruction

  • 3 live models done in class under close supervision (arranged for you)

  • Continued support throughout your career

  • Instruction on how to set up your studio according to Alberta Health regulations

Day 0 (prior to class starting):

Practise drawing hair strokes on paper on the templates provided to you upon registration.



Day 1:

Introduction to semi-permanent make up & Princessbrows

Skin anatomy

Brow shape design – assessing facial structure, symmetry – practice on paper

Brow shape design – complicated transformations and how to address them

Princessbrows needles – assembling separate hand piece + needles vs. pre-assembled Precision

Microblading – how to create basic strokes, grouping hair strokes

Microblading – introduction to hairstroke patterns




Day 2:

Quiz on previous day’s instruction & assessment of student’s homework

Color theory, identifying skin undertones, the Fitzpatrick scale

Princessbrows House of PMU pigments - selecting the proper pigment color

Safety, sterility, avoiding cross contamination

Microblading – how to identify the proper depth, maintaining accuracy of strokes for good retention

Client consultation & intake process, maintaining accurate health records & procedure notes

Aftercare – importance of proper aftercare procedures and preventing infection

Additional practice of hairstroke patterns on fake skin

Proper station set up

Demo live model by instructor

Proper station clean up to prevent cross-contamination




Day 3:

Quiz on previous day’s instruction & assessment of student’s homework

Additional practice on fake skin on a practice head

Live model by students as a team (2 students per team, or 1 student teamed with instructor for private trainings) under close supervision of instructor, troubleshooting discussion afterwards                                                                                  

Corrections, working over previously tattooed eyebrows – do’s and don’ts

Types of tattoo removal

Running a successful semi permanent make up business – promotions, social media

Legal, provincial health requirements & insurance



Day 4:

Live model work by students (2 models each, before and after lunch) under close supervision of instructor

Overcoming identified challenges and difficulties on live model work

Assessment of pass or fail by instructor



Additional notes:

  • In total, each student will work with 3 models:

    • 1st model will be a team effort between 2 students (or student with instructor for private trainings)

    • 2nd model will be done with instructor’s assistance.

    • 3rd model must be done independently without assistance (but still under closer supervision) displaying a good understanding of hairstroke patterns and depth.




PRIVATE TRAINING - Tuition cost: $6000+gst 


- 1 Microblading kit: 4 different Precision microblade needles, 5 microblading pigments, measurement ruler stickers, 2 Princessbrows Sweet Almond Oil aftercare oils, Princessbrows brow design pencils

- 1 Princessbrows Sly Permanent Makeup Machine + 10 Sly needle cartridges


Private training class dates are flexible, depending on instructor's availability.


    Our Microblading & Eyebrow Machine Shading Fundamentals class is a intensive, 5 day class designed for dedicated students. It is recommended that students read ahead on study material upon receiving it so that they are familiar with the information. Be prepared to work hard during your training! 


    You will work on 4 live models through the course of your training.


    Payment is for 50% deposit only. Deposit is non-refundable, however it may be transfered to another class date under extenuating circumstances.


    Remaining 50% tuition is due prior to class starting.


    • Student must display a good understanding of the theories and procedures being taught by receiving at least 70% on their quizzes and completing homework assigned to the standards required. Instructor will also assess quality of work on the models and student’s reception to instruction.


    • We reserve the right to deny certification until the student has displayed such understanding (student may rewrite exams and submit additional assigned homework, as well as receive support on model work done outside class.)