Depigmentation of Scars

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What Is Hyperpigmentation?

Types of Hyperpigmentation Scars

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Types of Hyperpigmentation We Can Treat



Hyperpigmentation from sun damage includes age spots (aka liver spots) and often looks like extra-large freckles that tend to get darker with age. 

How We Can Help

Natalia received her professional training in scar treatment from Linda Dunn-Carter, a world-renown Scar Revision Guru and the CEO and Founder of the game-changing scar revision practice, The DC Method.


Linda has appeared on many local and national news programs, magazine articles, public speaking engagements and other media platforms, including ABC Local 10 News, Channel 7 News Miami, Deco Drive, FOX News, KPRC 2, Mandale Magazine, New Beauty Magazine and more.

Scar Therapy follows the foundation of the DC Method - a more natural, laser-free approach to reducing the appearance of scar tissue and/or stretch marks. At Studio N, our mission is to offer a less invasive yet equally as effective solution to a problem that affects so many of us.

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Scar Therapy
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Please note that, at this time, Scar Therapy is not suitable for any kind of raised/ keloid scarring


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I understand that actual scar tissue cannot be removed & that Scar Therapy is aimed at reducing the appearance of scars/stretch marks.

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