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Image by Wesley Tingey

Freckle Tattoo & Beauty Marks

Freckle tattooing is a semi-permanent procedure to mimic the look of natural freckles. Your artist will assess your skin tone and custom-match the right pigment blend to produce the desired effect. 


Before faux freckle tattoo


Natural faux freckles freckle tattoo by Natalia at Studio N Beauty in Edmonton, AB

After Faux Freckles (1 session)


Keep in mind that you must protect tattooed freckles from the sun and active skincare ingredients to avoid premature fading. Lasers or other skin treatments may negatively affect the color of the freckles.

At Studio N, we only do ultra-natural freckles and beauty marks. If you are looking for a very dramatic, obviously-tattooed effect, we respectfully decline to offer that look. 

   Beauty Marks:

- Up to 5 beauty marks for a flat rate of $150 +gst


- Nose band: $250

- Nose + cheeks: $350

- Nose + cheeks + temples: $450

*Final cost depends on desired effect / area size / number of freckles.

*Cost includes 1 touch-up within 8 to 12 weeks of original appt+ aftercare product.

*For additional areas, add-on cost (by consult).

Tattooed semi-permanent beauty mark by Natalia. Done at Studio N Beauty located in Downtown Edmonton.

Beauty Mark


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