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Scar & Stretchmark Therapy

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No matter their origins, scars are often fraught with meaning. For some, they’re a sign of victory. For others, they’re a reminder of a chapter they’d prefer to close. At Studio N, our mission is to offer a less invasive yet equally effective solution to a problem that affects so many of us. 

Our approach to reducing the appearance of scar tissue and/or stretch marks is 100% laser-free and is built upon 3 main principles:

  1. A minimally-invasive procedure, utilizing tried and true medical skin treatments without the risk of skin-heating lasers

  2. Scientifically proven scar healing ingredients that promote skin healing and collagen production

  3. Gradual, long-lasting results


The total cost & treatment length will depend on the size of the area being treated, your skin's current state, and your desired results. A complimentary consultation is required for all Scar/Stretchmark Therapy services.

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Types of Hyperpigmentation We Can Treat



Hyperpigmentation from sun damage includes age spots (aka liver spots) and often looks like extra-large freckles that tend to get darker with age. 

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Scar Therapy
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Terms & Conditions

I understand that, at this time, Scar Therapy is not available for any kind of severe hypertrophic (raised), keloid, or severe hypotrophic (dipped) scarring.


I understand that the quote I receive from my photo submission is an estimate and valid for 6 months; actual prices may vary based on how the treatment area appears in person.

I understand that, although results are likely, they are not guaranteed.

I understand that actual scar tissue cannot be removed & that Scar & Stretchmark Therapy is aimed at reducing the appearance of scars/stretch marks, not eradicating them.

I understand that treatment time ranges from 6-18 months, with treatments spaced about 1 month apart, and that the speed and intensity of the progress you may see will vary from person to person.

I understand that I must commit to the aftercare regime provided after each treatment, and failure to do so may jeopardize chances at a successful treatment.

Thank you for joining our Scar & Stretchmark Therapy waitlist. We will reach out to you as soon as we launch to schedule a date for your consultation