Balding/thinning hair?

Receding hairline?

Scarring on the scalp that resulted in hair loss?

Hair loss due to a medical condition?

50% of the population, both male and female, suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives & will feel self conscious about it.

At Studio N, we are happy to be able to help you regain that lost confidence by creating the illusion of density/volume, either by creating fine, stubble like dots on the scalp, or using the microblading technique to create hairstrokes along the hairline for our longer haired clients.

All SMP is done by Natalia.

Pricing by consult, and will depend on the total area to be covered and desired final density. 

** SMP is done in multiple sessions of at least 2-3 to gradually and naturally build density. All sessions are included in the quoted price.

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