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Keratin Lash
Lift & Tint

Before and after of the Keratin Lash Lift treatment by Kaitlin @upstairsglamour, Studio N Beauty in Edmonton, AB


Keratin Lash Lift and Tint Treatment by Natalia at Studio N Beauty




Studio N exclusively uses KERAVIE's Triple Keratin Lash Lift product, a gentle, conditioning formula that hydrates lashes and encourages healthy lash growth. No extensions here, this treatment relies on your natural lashes! 

All Keratin Lash Lift services include a lash tint combined with a deep conditioning lash treatment, finished off with a coat of clear Keratin Serum Mascara + Rebecca Sylvester Platinum Essence to hydrate your eye area.



- Kaitlin/Sophia: $120

- Natalia: $150


RE-TINT:  $20 (our tint is ammonia free)


* $20 OFF every 5th Lash Lift!

** $20 OFF your Lash Lift when pairing it with another service in the same session! (Cannot be paired with eyeliner tattoo).