Keratin Lash Lift

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Studio N exclusively uses KERAVIE's Triple Keratin Lash Lift product, a gentle, conditioning formula that hydrates lashes and encourages healthy lash growth. No extensions here, this treatment relies on your natural lashes! 

All Keratin Lash Lift services include a lash tint combined with a deep conditioning lash treatment,  finished off with a coat of clear Keratin Serum Mascara + Rebecca Sylvester Platinum Essence to hydrate your eye area.



- Kaitlin/Sophia: $120

- Natalia: $150


RE-TINT:  $20 (our tint is ammonia free)


* $20 OFF every 5th Lash Lift!

** $20 OFF your Lash Lift when pairing it with another service in the same session! (Cannot be paired with eyeliner tattoo).

F.A.Q. about the Keratin Lash Lift

How long does the Keratin Lash Lift take, and how long does it last?

Our Keratin Lash Lift takes approximately 60-90minutes, depending on the length & thickness of your natural lashes. Longer fuller lashes require longer appointments since we need more time to seperate your lashes and we leave the treatment on your lashes for longer. Our Keratin Lash Lift lasts around 2 months on average. If you are using any lash growth serums (Latisse, Eyenvy) which increase the rate of your lash cycle, your lift will grow out in 4-6 weeks instead.

What can I expect at my Keratin Lash Lift appointment?

The Studio N Keratin Lash Lift is a 4 step system. First, your lashes will be affixed to a silicone pad where we use the GEL Lashes signature technique to specifically place the lashes where we want them. Next, we apply a series of treaments to the lashes - the Lash lifting treatment, then the fixing treatment, then the tint + Lash Botox conditioner, and lastly the nourishing oil to hydrate the lashes and remove them from the silicone pad. Your eyes will be closed for the entire procedure.

How do I prepare for my Keratin Lash Lift appointment?

Please come to the appointment without eye make up/mascara or be prepared to remove it on arrival. Do not come wearing lash extensions, we do NOT have the necessary tools to remove extensions. You will need to remove your contact lenses before the appointment begins. If you have an eye infection or recent eye problem, you MUST wait at least 2 weeks (or more if your doctor recommends it) before booking your Lash Lift appointment.

Is there any aftercare or maintenance required for the Keratin Lash Lift? Can I wear mascara or other waterproof makeup?

Your Keratin Lash Lift is super easy to take care of! 24 hours after your Keratin Lash Lift, no wetting/rubbing your eyes, and no eye makeup. After that, you can do everything as usual, including using oil based products, wearing mascara, rubbing your eyes, showering/swimming. DO USE the Keratin Serum mascara DAILY to strengthen and define your lashes after your Keratin Lash Lift! The GEL Keratin Serum mascara gives your lashes a glossy, defined look and helps to blend your new lash growth to keep the lift lasting longer!

I'm pregnant, can I safely get a Keratin Lash Lift?

YES! However if you are being extra cautious and not dyeing your hair, then we would also recommend you skip the tinting step (even though it's ammonia free). With your fluctuating hormones, you may find that the lift results may vary, so we may need to process for a bit longer than if you weren't pregnant.

How frequently do I need to get Keratin Lash Lifts and what is the re-lift price?

Depending on how fast your lashes grow and how dramatic the lift it, if you want to maintain a fresh Keratin Lash Lift, we recommend a new lift every 6-12 weeks. Since it is different from lash extensions - we are not adding lift, we are completely re-lifting all the lashes, the cost is the same as a new lift. You get $50 off every 5th lift!