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Introducing new, flexible booking options to fit your busy schedule!

Updated: Jun 19

You asked, we listened!

Introducing new, flexible booking options to better work with your busy schedule.

All new permanent makeup services will now be offered as:

  • 1 session


  • our regular 2-session package. Until now, we always included 2 sessions in the total price (2nd to be completed within 3 months), as this is recommended to achieve the best results.

Now, you have the option to book & pay for 1 session only, THEN book & pay for your 2nd touch-up session at a later date (even outside 3 months) to best suit your busy lifestyle!

How can this benefit you?

1. If you are one of our many clients coming from out of town, you no longer need to stress about making a 2nd trip within 3 months

2. If you have a really busy work/life/travel schedule, you don't have to worry about fitting in your 2nd session within 3 months.

3. You get to come back for your 2nd session at a time that WORKS FOR YOU!

4. If you are a unicorn who heals perfectly with only 1 session, you save yourself the trip!

Why are 2 sessions recommended for all new permanent makeup services?

1. Everybody’s skin is unique, which means it will retain colour differently

2. As a studio that specializes in ultra-natural results, we prefer to work cautiously during your 1st session (i.e. using a lighter colour, less bold effect) so that we can see how it heals.

During the 2nd session, you'll have the choice to go darker/bolder and we can tweak your final shape! Our motto is "it’s easier to add; it’s hard to remove”. That's why we rely on the 2nd session to perfect the brow & make any adjustments according to how your skin heals. Ultimately, it’s a tattoo, not just makeup, and should be treated as such.

3. During the healing process, the skin will flake off & peel. If for whatever reason, the aftercare was not done properly or you accidentally scratched the area, that section will not heal properly. We use the 2nd session to fix and tweak that area for a consistent look.

How does this affect pricing?

  • If you choose to pay for a 2-session bundle in advance (booked & paid at the time of your first appt), you will save $50!

  • If you choose to pay for your 2nd session separately, it will be according to our regular touch-up pricing schedule (varies depending on amt of time in between sessions).

Questions? Want to learn more? We're just a click away.


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